# Partner Test Sandbox

# What information is required from partners

Some actions and information is required from partners in order to establish a working partner integration testing phase.

These are at least:

  • IP addresses for whitelisting, in order to access the test environment
  • Partner test environment redirect_url (for Oauth key generation)
  • Personal email addresses from partners, in order to give access to Mailtrap for test email inbox for registrations etc.

# Mailtrap

Inbox for this specific environment, in order to complete test user registration and to track other messages that are sent from the system.

UKKO.fi-partner-sandbox: https://mailtrap.io/inboxes/805661/messages

Note! Possible partners taking part in testing can be given access only to this specific Mailtrap inbox

# Partner QA

  • Sandbox Environment for Partner Testing: https://sandbox.ukko.fi

  • Host: https://sandbox-api.ukko.fi

  • Oauth keys to be generated for partners on our end. (Client ID & Client Secret)

Note! Partner testing environment access can only be given with access to the user role for any external stakeholders, admin role can only be accessed by UKKO.fi developers and testers.

# Known Sandbox environment bugs and workarounds

[Situation as of February/2020]

  • Tax cards can not be added from the user side (if a specific tax% is required, then this needs to be added from the database?)
  • When clicking "Approve invoice" on the invoice form, this leads to HTTP ERROR 500. However, the invoice draft is saved on the "Invoices" page.

Workaround: Invoices page > Actions -column > Click "Preview & send" > Leads to the invoice preview page from where the estimated income calculation can be checked and the invoice can be sent for admin processing by accepting the terms and clicking on the "confirm Invoice" -button. Note! However, in order to send the invoice for processing the test user needs to complete strong identification process (Signicat signing), which requires admin processing.

# Partner Testing Notes

Partners can access the user frontend of UKKO.fi in the sandbox environment. Here they can freely:

  • Register test users (Requires Mailtrap in order to access the onboarding link)
  • Add client details
  • Save an invoice draft
  • Add the Signicat signature/sign the service terms for the test user (Strong identification process)

However in order to send an invoice for admin processing (as mentioned before) the test user requires an SSN to be added by an admin user in order to complete strong identification process. Meaning that the following can only be done after the admin has verified the user:

  • Send invoice to be processed by an admin

Note! The strong identification also affects integration processes, as in order to create an invoice through partner integration the test user must have completed the strong identification process for the verification portal.

Once the invoice is being processed, the invoice statuses can be monitored on the user side until the income has been either withdrawn by the user or paid by the admin user. When the income has been paid, the user can check the following locations (found through the Salaries page as well) for the resulting paid income and income calculation statements:


# Documentation

V2 API Doc: https://sandbox-api.ukko.fi/v2/doc

  • Sidenote for the API documentation: Oauth paths are marked separately as /oauth/ and the rest with /v2/

# Other Notes

  • Industry/Line of Work dropdownlist needs a joint mapping session between UKKO.fi and the partner developers, in order to ensure that the dropdownlist has been mapped correctly on any other future integrations of the invoice form.
  • Strong identification needs to be taken into account when checking through the partner integration whether or not the user can invoice.
    • The user age and identity needs to be verified before the invoice can be sent to be processed
    • Invoice country must be Finland